When Your Life's boat is rocking,
Hold on for "Dear Life",
To the one who can calm winds,
and bring peace in strife!
Do not fear in the storm
when you see threatening waves
keep your eyes on the Master...
It's Christ Jesus who saves!
He's the Light in life's darkness,
He's the Peace in life's stress,
He's the Calm in life's storms here
and He sees what is best!
He's the Truth when deception comes
to cloud t\minds with doubt
He's the Way when confusion
say's there is No way out!

Jesus Christ is the reason
Every Christian has hope,
He's the knot to hold onto
at the end of the rope,
He's assurance when other's
feel like they can not cope,
With the world's insecurities,
Christ is Our HOPE!
so no matter what problems you're facing today,
Look to Christ for solutions,
He's the Light, Truth, and way!
Hope is there for the taking,
Making life more worthwhile
Wiping out doubt and sorrow
leaving you with a smile!

we can make it, or break it,
by the way we respond,
to seeing God's Hand extended.....

Pull away or Hold on!
He'll sustain us each day we remain here below,
if we'll only recall.. it's not long.. until we'll go
to be joined for forever, with the Dear ones we love,
who have gone on to heaven,
with the Savior we love!

By Joy Bell Barber
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